ABS Global Awards – Color America Colorist of the Year 2017 – Winner

Bangstyle Supremes 2017 Winner

NAHA 2016 Hair Color Winner

NAHA 2016 Editorial Finalist

AIPP Best Avant Garde Finalist

Irish Hairdresser 2016 International Finalist

NAHA 2015 Avant Garde Finalist

2015 Irish Hairdresser International Finalist

Bangstyle Supremes 2015 Winner

NAHA 2014 Hair Color Winner

NAHA 2014 Peoples Choice
Master Hairstylist of the Year Winner

NAHA 2014 Avant Garde Finalist

NAHA 2014 Hairstylist of the Year Finalist

COLORAMERICA Colorist Of 2013 Winner

Makeover Expert 2013 Winner

Texture Champion 2013 Winner

NAHA 2012 Avant Garde Finalist

NAHA 2011 Hair Color Finalist

NAHA 2011 Fashion Forward Finalist

NAHA 2010 Hair Color Winner

NAHA 2009 Hair Color Finalist

NAHA 2008 Contemporary Classics Finalist

North American Hairstyling Awards

The Professional Beauty Association’s North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is pleased to announce, Chrystofer Benson, as the winner of the NORTH AMERICAN HAIRCOLORIST OF THE YEAR IN NAHA 2016, 2014, and 2010 the only 3 x winner. As well the winner of the PEOPLES CHOICE MASTERS STYLIST’S COLLECTION in 2014.

Chrystofer is a 14-time NAHA finalist in:
EDITORIAL STYLIST of the Year – 2016
HAIR STYLIST of the YEAR – 2014
AVANT GARDE – 2015, 2014, 2012
HAIRCOLOR – 2016, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2009

NAHA is the pinnacle of beauty competitions in North America, where only the top stylists in the beauty industry are recognized for their talent. The NAHA competition receives thousands of entries each year by beauty professionals from across North America. Via a blind entry process and judged by a diverse group of leading international hairstylists from across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and Switzerland, entries were narrowed down to five finalists per category, and one winner in each category is chosen. NAHAs are given in several distinct categories and winners are announced during PBA Beauty Week at a star-studded Awards Ceremony every July at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Americas Beauty Show and the Stars Photo Competition is pleased to announce Chrystofer Benson as the 2014 and 2013 Winner of the coveted Leo Passage Gold Trophy, the Ultimate Stars award honoring the late founder of Pivot Point International. This special trophy will be presented to the professional with entries in three or more of the professional STARS hairstyling categories. In Addition Chrystofer also won the COLORAMERICA – Colorist of the Year 2013, Makeover Expert 2013, and Texture Champion 2013. The STARS winners and their work are introduced to the media and their peers on The Runway stage at America’s Beauty Show during the fabulous ABS BeautyBASH party.


BE! Magazine congratulates Chrystofer Benson – ARTISITC DIRECTOR from MATRIX who was honored with the BMA Award. He is a part of a new history-making group we are proud to call real Beautymakers! He was honored for excellence in Beauty, Entertainment, and his Platform Work. The BeautyMaker Awards celebrate and honor industry professionals who are making a positive difference in society. This is a unique award and is to recognize and honor role models from all segments of the beauty world. The BMA Award is a beautiful golden lady holding a three-fold flame for beauty, truth and goodness.

BE! Beauty Entertainment Magazine has CHRYSTOFER BENSON honored and named on the TOP 40 BEST IN THE USA rankings as:

# 1 – BE!’s TOP 40 Hair Colorists in America.
# 2 – BE!’s TOP 40 Platform Artists in America.
# 3 – BE!’s TOP 40 Educators in America.

HOT by Hair’s How Magazine honors Chrystofer Benson and names him to top 12 Living Legend list in the beauty industry.